Dynamic Camera Movements

Using multiple platforms of camera rigs, one of our main specialties is understanding movement and how this keeps the audience engaged in the narrative. From extreme environments to the typical film set, we support the directors vision in finding their true desire of movement and making it happen. Using Cranes, Steadicams, Cable Cams and Camera gimbals, we will find the simplest solution to making that movement possible.





Freefly MoVI operators

Our MoVI operators truly understand camera movement, by working closely with directors to realise their vision of movement and make the impossible possible. With support from Freefly, our operators are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with this system. By using different types of human movement to fly the camera, the possibilities are endless – from roller blades to ice skates; from cars to climbing harnesses, we are constantly looking for new ways to redefine movement.






Aerial Cinematography

We work closely with one of the leading Drone operators to produce dramatic camera movements with precision and consistency.




Post Production

Having post production offices located in rural UK really allows the creatives editing the films to connect with the narrative. We believe in keeping things portable as well to allowing us to ingest and edit on location to keep everything moving fast and in time with the action.




The other half of our projects. Having crisp sound and a compelling mix is 50% of a film, that’s why we use Keith White to mix our films. This allows us to marry the audio with the visual giving the ultimate viewing experience.